Are you an author or a writer?

I came across a really interesting post by Stella Tarakson in her blog. I didn’t know there was a difference between calling yourself a writer and an author. Read on to know Stella’s thoughts on this. 🙂

Stella Tarakson

In my innocence, I used to think these two words could be used interchangeably. I soon found out I was wrong. When I first started writing professionally, I quickly discovered that many people get fired up by the author / writer distinction.

What I’ve encountered
When my first book was published, I proudly announced to anyone who’d listen that I was a writer. The reactions I received were varied. Some people were interested, some were envious, most were indifferent. But, amazingly, some seemed offended, even hostile! ‘What sort of writer?’ they’d challenge. ‘What have you written?’ I suddenly felt I had to justify myself, something I’d never had to do as a lawyer.

The implication was that if you hadn’t written a book produced by a publishing company, you couldn’t call yourself a writer. Well, my book Everyday Law satisfied that criteria, making my challengers sink into sullen silence. All…

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