Back to blogging

That’s what I like about blogging – I can blog whenever I want, where ever I want, about whatever I want.

My work had been keeping me busy for the past five months. But above that, it was a company policy that stopped me from blogging all about work. However, now I’ve decided to close one eye and get back to blogging.

My work is all about writing and researching but somehow it was more fun when I was a freelancer and not holding an 8 to 5 job. Maybe it’s the flexibility and freedom I got as a creative person freelancing.

And nowadays I find myself wanting to just submit my resignation and get back to being a freelancer. I know it’s not the best decision right now… But I’ve been doing some research and trying out some things. If it goes well, I might just be back to freelancing.. and I’ll definitely share my experiences here…

Sooo glad to be back!


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