DSC_0023 editedHello there! My name is Gayathri, and I am currently a freelance writer. I work with a couple of newspapers on a regular basis, and my article has also been published on Yahoo!. Apart from that, I take on writing works of different forms just for the fun of it and sometimes, to challenge myself and push my limits.

I also do other freelance works, like choreographing dance and audio transcription but I thoroughly enjoy writing and simply cannot get it out of my head even for a second of my life. This blog is all about my writing journey and thus the name ‘Journey of an Idea’. I also have another blog in Google’s blogger platform called ‘Love, Life and News‘, where I cover a wide range of topics. Both are new blogs, but I’m not new to blogging. You can read more about that here.

My dream is to become a well versed writer and of course, I hope to publish a novel or two and maybe win some awards for it. :p As for now, I’m just working towards my dream and you can read all about that in this blog, where I chronicle the lessons I learn and share tips that help me grow as a writer.

I do this so that I can reach out to fellow writers, and in turn learn from them as well. It doesn’t hurt to share knowledge, and it is only when you share knowledge that you gain more of it.

Regarding my background (in case you’re wondering) I’m an Indian girl, from Singapore – that little red dot on the world map. Contrary to popular belief, Singapore is not part of China. We are an independent little island situated just below Malaysia. I was born in Mumbai in the late 80’s, but my native land is Kerala, South India. So I’m a Malayalee girl who was born in Mumbai and brought up in Singapore. I’m currently a citizen of Singapore, but I still love India.

I hold a Diploma in Engineering and a Degree in Communications and Media Management. Odd combination, I know. I’ve only worked full time in one company, an American MNC, for 4 years, and that was enough to make me decide that I was not made for regular desk jobs. So I quit and set out to be a writer in July of 2012. It’s been more than a year now, and I’ve never once regretted my decision. 🙂

You can know more about me and my writing from my posts.

So, welcome to my humble blog… and please feel free to leave comments – I’m hungry for them. 🙂


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