Are you an author or a writer?

I came across a really interesting post by Stella Tarakson in her blog. I didn’t know there was a difference between calling yourself a writer and an author. Read on to know Stella’s thoughts on this. 🙂

Stella Tarakson

In my innocence, I used to think these two words could be used interchangeably. I soon found out I was wrong. When I first started writing professionally, I quickly discovered that many people get fired up by the author / writer distinction.

What I’ve encountered
When my first book was published, I proudly announced to anyone who’d listen that I was a writer. The reactions I received were varied. Some people were interested, some were envious, most were indifferent. But, amazingly, some seemed offended, even hostile! ‘What sort of writer?’ they’d challenge. ‘What have you written?’ I suddenly felt I had to justify myself, something I’d never had to do as a lawyer.

The implication was that if you hadn’t written a book produced by a publishing company, you couldn’t call yourself a writer. Well, my book Everyday Law satisfied that criteria, making my challengers sink into sullen silence. All…

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Introducing my blog on Blogspot

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, aside from this blog, I am also developing a blog on blogspot.

My blog here on wordpress is following the niche topic of writing. I decided to make my blog on Google blogger slightly different – a blog on various topics. Accordingly, I named it Love, Life and News. Here is the link:

I hope to write about lifestyle, love and relationships, health and beauty, fashion, home deco, DIYs, my take on things or events etc. in that blog.

Do visit it when time permits and please feel free to give me your honest feedbacks and suggestions. They’ll be invaluable to me, no matter how small it may be.

Thanks a bunch in advance! 🙂

EzineArticles dot com

In my journey to becoming a freelance writer, one of the best things I ever did was to sign up at

Not only can you publish your works with them, but they also send you regular e-mails with great writing tips.

The best part is these writing tips are given by professional writers with years of experience. So they know what they are talking about.

Their articles are really straight to the point, and really easy to understand.

There are some really great advices on how to manage your time, how to handle multiple projects at once, how to keep creating original content, how to work in such a way that you don’t burn yourself out, etc.

For all fledgling writers out there, like me, I would really recommend you to sign up with – it’s free by the way – and take their expert advices and get on your way to success.

Oh, and don’t forget to work hard too. Success doesn’t come overnight.

Good Luck!!

The journey to this blog – a history of my blogging

Just wanted to share a brief history of my blogging life. 

I started blogging in 2007, when I was a student. I was introduced to blogging by a friend who used to blog about her personal life. It was a public blog. Back then, I didn’t know about the pros and cons about blogging, and it was an up and coming trend so I created a blogger account for the fun of it. I tried to mimic my friend in writing about my personal life, but I really wasn’t comfortable about letting the whole world know what was happening in my life. I also didn’t find the purpose of 2 types of blogs:

1. writing stuff indirectly such that someone who doesn’t know you might think you are crazy or something. 

2. privatising your blog so you can choose who can read your blog.

What’s the point in blogging then? You might as well just keep a journal where you can write in with a pen. So because of these points, I found myself at a conflict with myself (it might serve me well to add here that I was extremely naive as a teenager). I loved to write. So I wanted a blog. But I didn’t want to write about my personal life, and I didn’t bother to explore the blogosphere because I was busy with my studies. 

For 5 years, I went back and forth with the above mentioned blog – changing the name, writing just one or two posts, changing the theme, and then ignoring it. It was a cycle and I just hated it.

Then, last year, I read about a top blogger and it intrigued me enough to check out the blog. When I visited her blog I was taken aback! She had thousands of followers and she was earning a lot. She was getting sponsored for all sorts of things and man did I get jealous. I mean, who wouldn’t? She was living the life! 

And that is when I decided that I am going to restart blogging and become a freelance writer. I saw a lot of potential in it. But, I just jumped right into it without bothering to do any research. So in effect, I was back to square one after a few months. I didn’t know what to write about and I started getting distracted. 

Just like that, a year went by, and I thought, “this isn’t right. I have to do something about this.” Once again I signed in to my blogger account and stared blankly at my blog. My blog stared right back at me. I felt like if it had a mind of its own it would probably have told me, “I’m real tired of your shit missy.”

But this time I wanted to succeed. Desperately. I started reading up and gathering knowledge about blogging. I had plenty of questions before me – Which blogging platform to choose? What name shall I give my blog? I should be careful not to embarrass myself with my blog name and URL. How can I get followers? The list goes on.

But the biggest questions of all were, “What to write about?”, and “Should I have a niche topic?”

What was the deal with ‘niche topic’ anyway? Everywhere I looked, all advices said to pick a niche topic and stick to it. Well, I was defiant. I refused to pick a niche topic because I don’t really have an expertise in any particular topic. I just wanted the freedom to write about anything and everything, except personal stuff. 

I thought and I thought. Then I thought more. Finally I decided that I will have the best of both worlds. I decided to start a blog based on a niche topic – writing – in WordPress and a blog about everything else in Blogspot. While my WordPress blog has taken off, on a pretty good note, I am still working on my other blog. I hope to get it started by this week and when I do, I will definitely announce its birth here. 

I am learning something new everyday and I am probably the happiest person around because of it 🙂

Day 2 of blogging on WordPress

I have to admit – I did not think that WordPress would be so amusing. 

In one day I managed to get 5 followers! I don’t know about others but that is a pretty damn big deal for me. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who read my blog yesterday and decided to follow me. It has given me great motivation. 

I am very new to WordPress, and I spent the whole of today trying to figure out and learn how to use WordPress.

Previously I was using Blogspot and it was pretty easy to use. However, one main difference I noticed in WordPress is the amount of views, followers and comments my blog received in just one day. There seems to be a close-knit community in WordPress, whereas Blogspot bloggers are just scattered all over Google. It was so difficult for me to even get a good blog URL in blogger – mostly everything was taken and when I checked out the blogs that belonged to those URLs they were no longer in use. In some blogs, there was not even a single post. I spent days on end just trying to get a good name. 

Honestly, I think Google made a stupid move by allowing one account to access all Google services. This has really led to a lot of unwanted and unattended blogs. 

Anyway, I am still trying to find my way around WordPress. I would be grateful for any tips and tricks I can receive from the more experienced fellow bloggers. I’m doing some research online too.

My motto at the moment? Slow and steady wins the race. 

I am really curious to know more about using WordPress. Eagerly looking forward to comments and feedback 🙂

Hello there..

Hello there,

My name is Gayathri, and I am a freelance writer. I created this blog to share with everyone what I learn in my journey to becoming a successful freelance writer…and also to keep a log of the lessons I learn along the way.

After working for 4 years at an MNC, I decided that the corporate ladder was not one which I was interested in climbing. Combine that with my long time passion for writing, and the idea of becoming a freelance writer was born. This was in July of 2012. Since then, I have been learning and striving to become a successful writer (and blogger). 

As is the case with most new freelance writers and bloggers, I started comparing myself with other more experienced and successful bloggers out there and became very disappointed and doubted myself and my writing skills as I realised that my page views were not steadily increasing. It was difficult for me to find projects to work on as well. So, I took the easy way out for some time – I stopped blogging (and writing). 

A few months ago, with some motivation from some special people in my life (which I will reveal as I write more posts), I took the decision to learn more about writing and blogging, and to start afresh.

And that is how I ended up here, hoping to share and learn from others who are just like me. 

This is the journey of my idea….and I welcome one and all to my blog 🙂