Good Ol’ Newspaper

Ever wondered why newspaper are still around when we can get all the news at our fingertips – literally – nowadays? 

Tap your finger here and tap it there and you got news from all around the globe popping up on your smartphone or tablet PCs. 

In a time where owning a computer and no other gadgets – like iPhone or iPad – would make you feel outdated in the technological scene, why in the world would anyone subscribe to newspapers or buy newspapers anymore? You can just get it online. 

But here’s the thing – how many people actually bother to read the online versions, say, on your transit to and from work. Would you rather read the news or play games on your devices?

There are plenty of news applications that are free but there are many that require payment. When we look at the payments for the e-versions, we feel like it’s overpriced. Why? Because you can get it free elsewhere if you bother to look for it. 

OR, someone will share news on Facebook or other social networking sites. 

OR you can just switch on the TV or visit YouTube to WATCH the news instead of READING it. 

I feel like the majority of the people still prefer the hard copy to soft copies of newspapers. Don’t get me wrong; they like the soft copy, but just to browse through to stay updated on current events. 

The mobile apps come with pop up notification whenever a new article is published. The news websites send daily e-mails with headlines and links to the articles. You just browse through these notifications and mails and you’ll get a rough idea of what’s happening locally and internationally. 

But to really read and know more about the news, people still prefer the good ol’ print edition. This is because our attention span when we’re reading something online or on a mobile device is very short. It’s just human nature. 

That’s why we would read a long article when it’s printed in a newspaper, but prefer to skim through the same article if it was published online. 

Print Editions have a small advantage because of a small trick. The margins are small and articles are written in short columns rather than in long lines. This shortness is what makes it easy to read and keeps you going to finish the article.

Below is one of my articles, published online and in print. It’s the same article. Just to prove the point I made above.

Another reason that print editions still make the rounds is because – believe it or not – the surface area of a newspaper is larger than that of a mobile phone or a tablet PC.

Doesn’t make sense? 

Well, it’s just got to do with our attention span again. 

Newspapers are bigger than mobile devices. It’s lighter too – most of them. The feel of newspaper is different from the feel of mobile devices. You do a lot of things with mobile devices but not as many things with a newspaper.

So naturally, your brain only associates newspaper with news and reading and that is why you can concentrate better when reading printed articles than online ones. 

Same applies to magazines and books.

I for one prefer the printed versions to online ones. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment.